Understanding the Impact of Climate Change to Coral Reefs


This video by The Nature Conservancy discusses the impact of sea temperature rise to the coral reefs in the Coral Triangle.

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  1. Good morning. Asking permission to be able to use this video in one of our travel-related presentations. Thank you for this site and more power, any advocacy that protects the environment is noble indeed. I will share this CTKN with my friends I look forward to hearing from you and your permission for the use of the video in our presentation.

  2. Good morning Ruby,

    This video was produced by one of the partners of the Coral Triangle Knowledge Network, the Nature Conservancy. It is posted on YouTube. I suggest asking permission from them, and generally for the noncommercial use of their video.

    Thank you for sharing the site to your friends, I would also like to invite you to the CTKN’s social networking and discussion ara, the Knowledge Network. Kindly log in here:

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