The Coral Triangle: Nursery of the Seas


Marvel at the diversity of life in the Coral Triangle in this video produced by WWF.

Avatar of Coral Triangle Written by Coral Triangle

  1. Wonderful short film which depicts the beauty of our seas as an avid diver and water sports enthusiast, I salute Mr. Murray’s effort in capturing that beauty on film. Kudos, too, to the Coral knowledge network for their conservation efforts

    • I agree. Powerful stuff! It shows how beautiful our oceans truly are. I hope more people get to watch this so they will know why our oceans are worth saving. My compliments to the director.

  2. Dear Mr. Lopez,

    Rupert Murray is an award-winning director who did this video for the WWF. You might want to watch another short film he did for WWF, called “End of the Line” You may find the teaser of that video here:

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