Coral Triangle Day


Happy Coral Triangle Day!

Save Coral Triangle. Stop Plastic Pollution.‪ #‎noplace4plastic

The Coral Triangle represents the global epicenter of marine life abundance and diversity, with 76% of all known coral species, 37% of all known coral reef fish species, 53% of the world’s coral reefs. The unparalleled marine and coastal living resources provide profound benefits to the hundreds of millions people who reside within the six countries that compose the Coral Triangle (Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste), along with benefits to many millions more outside the region.

However, plastic pollution that comprises 80% of all marine pollution threathens the life within the The Coral Triangle as it chokes marine animals, destroys the ecosystems, and threatens the economy and the livelihoods of people.

By being part of our ‪#‎CoralHeroes‬, you are protecting The Coral Triangle, along with the lives upon and beneath it, including ours.

(Videos were produced by The Coral Triangle Initiative.)

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