ADB’s contribution to the protection of the Coral Triangle Region


Principal Climate Change Specialist David McCauley discusses the prospects for protecting and preserving the Coral Triangle – the Amazon of the Seas – and ADB’s role in the Coral Triangle Initiative.

(This video was taken from the Asian Development Bank YouTube Channel)

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  1. Kindly let me know when another activity like the training of the Timor-Leste participants will be held again in Cebu. Do you have a calendar of scheduled activities? Thank you.

  2. Hello, I am a Cebu-based researcher on aquatic resources and I believe I can contribute to ADB projects like this where my expertise and experience in fisheries management may be of use. Is ADB looking for consultancy assistance for projects like the Coral Triangle Initiative? Thank you.

  3. Hi Kris!

    Kindly check our calendar of activities here:

    Regarding ADB consultancy projects, you might want to check this page:

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