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Ridges-to-Reef Integrated Coastal Management in Isabel Province

Ridges-to-Reef Integrated Coastal Management in Isabel Province

Programs & Projects

Participants to the “train the trainers” workshop in Isabel Province of the Solomon Islands received 200 copies of the Ridges-to-Reef Conservation Plan for Isabel Province, along with laminated maps and posters which were used to inform communities about the conservation plan and gain widespread support in the process.

Ridges-to-Reef Conservation Plan for Isabel ProvinceAround 40 Mothers Union members and other local leaders were trained to cascade the message of conservation to their districts and villages. As a result, more than 2,000 individuals in more than 30 communities around the province were reached. This activity created a groundswell of interest in community-based conservation and sustainable natural resource management. Nine written requests were received at project completion for assistance in establishing conservation areas on their customary lands. Moreover, political support was obtained from the Isabel Council of Chiefs through the drafting of a memorandum of understanding to continue to work together on coastal and marine resources conservation.

The bumphead parrotfish survey was conducted in northern Isabel in cooperation with the Isabel Provincial Fisheries Department, covering an area of approximately 200 square kilometers. Results of the survey were shared with members of the communities where the survey took place. The result indicated a healthy parrotfish population, though further analysis is still needed to determine if harvesting rate is sustainable. Through the meeting, the communities became aware of the potential impact of logging and other land-based practices on the parrotfish population. During project implementation, the plan to work with mining companies was discontinued upon the provincial government’s rejection of mining activities in the province.

Project Title: Ridges-to-Reef Integrated Coastal Management in Isabel Province

Project Site: Isabel Province, Solomon Islands

Proponent: The Nature Conservancy

1) Gather widespread support at the community and provincial levels for the implementation of the Ridges-to-Reef Conservation Plan for Isabel Province; and
2) Build the capacity of provincial and local NGOs to implement CBRM, ICM and EAFM in Isabel, with the Isabel Conservation Plan serving as a guiding document

Expected Outputs:
1) Capabilities of local institutions strengthened in coastal and marine resources management; and
2) Coastal communities experienced in applying best practices in ecosystem-based management and climate change adaptation.

Major Activities:
1) Produce communication products
2) Roll out the Ridges-to-Reef Conservation Plan for Isabel province
3) Support the Isabel Council of Chiefs
4) Work with the private sector in mitigating impacts of nickel mining in Isabel
5) Conduct baseline survey on the status of bumphead parrotfish in Isabel
6) Support the environmental office in Buala

Duration: 1 September—31 December, 2012

Approved funding: $90,237

Contact persons:
Richard Hamilton
The Nature Conservancy, Brisbane, Australia

Willie Atu
The Nature Conservancy, Honiara, Solomon Islands

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