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ADB Project Addresses Watershed Management in the Philippines

ADB Project Addresses Watershed Management in the Philippines

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A watershed in one of the major river systems in the Philippines (Photo courtesy of WWF)

A watershed in one of the major river systems in the Philippines (Photo courtesy of WWF)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) seeks to address the need for sustainable watershed management in four priority basins in the Philippines.

ADB Project 41220-013, “Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project,” will be implemented as a sector loan to institutionalize effective watershed management regimes in four upper river basins (URBs) that can be replicated across the country.

The four URBs include Chico River Basin in Cordillera Administrative Region, Northern Luzon Island; Wahig-Inabanga on the island of Bohol; Lake Lanao Basin in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao; and the Upper Bukidnon River Basin in Bukidnon.

The watersheds of the URBs comprise an estimated 45% of the country’s total land area, and are home to one in four Filipinos─including indigenous communities.

These forest ecosystems play a critical role in economic development by regulating water quantity and quality for sustaining irrigation, hydropower generation and domestic water supplies, maintaining and restoring biodiversity, and mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration.

One of the primary goals of the project is to increase rural household incomes and local government revenues in selected watersheds in the four URBs.

The project seeks to accomplish this goal by introducing river basin and watershed management plans.

Reforestation and assisted natural regeneration, forest protection, demonstrations in commercial tree plantations, and agroforestry will also be part of the plan to generate positive environmental impacts.

Responsible ADB Officer
Pavit Ramachandran

Responsible ADB Department
Southeast Asia Department
Jaingfeng Zhang

Responsible ADB Division
Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Division, SERD

Executing Agencies
Municipal Development Fund Office (Implementing Agency)
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Dept. of Agriculture (Office of the Secretary)


ADB Project 41220-013: Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project

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