Investment Opportunities for Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism in the Coral Triangle

Investment Opportunities for Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism in the Coral Triangle


In recent years, tourism related coastal developments have been increasing rapidly across the region due to factors such as better accessibility, improved transport infrastructure, and the growth of financlally able domestic and international travelers. But rapid and poorly planned coastal development is putting pressure on available resources and polluting coastal ecosystems. Often, the very developments that are being established to entice visitors oftentimes can damage the very resources the visitors are coming to see.

Nature-based tourismThe Asian Development Bank (ADB) organized the first Green Business Forum (GBF) for Asia and the Pacific with the aim to bring together experts, business practitioners, and key stakeholders to share knowledge and identify avenues for promoting green business solutions in the region.

The Green Business Forum was organized around three key sessions: Creating Enabling Policy and Regulatory Frameworks for Green Business, Mobilizing Private Sector Finance, and Green Technology and Business Innovation.

Part of the GBF program included a panel session dedicated to discussing investment opportunities in nature-based tourism development in the region with a focus on marine related tourism destinations in Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands.

Hundreds of participants shared innovations and lessons from around the region illustrating progress in green growth particularly in tackling problems such as pollution, natural resources degradation and biodiversity loss.

This publication is a report on the ADB-WWF session on nature-based tourim in the Coral Triangle during the Green Business Forum.

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