Illegal Fishing in Pacific Ocean

Illegal Fishing in Pacific Ocean


The recent Pacific Islands Leaders’ Meeting in the Federated States of Micronesia has identified illegal fishing as a threat for Pacific Countries.

110916-illegal-fishing-in-pacific-800x445Leaders from various Pacific nations have collectively sought for transparency and fairness in the Fisheries Sector.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, said millions in revenue has been lost through illegal fishing activities in the Pacific Ocean, with more damage to the Pacific marine ecosystem.

Illegal fishing activities in the Pacific Ocean continue to go unreported. Thus Pacific Island Leaders have decided to implement the Tokelau Agreement following the close of their meeting last week.

The Tokelau Agreement is centred around the conservation and management of marine resources in the Pacific Ocean. The exporting of fish and other marine resources is an important and largest income source for Pacific Island nations.

For Papua New Guinea, it is the Tuna Exports that generate income for the country. But because PNG lacks the manpower and equipment to monitor illegal shipping vessels that enter PNG sea borders, much of the Tuna is lost through illegal fishing.

In a statement released from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Prime Minister said there is evidence of corruption in the Fisheries Sector in the Pacific region and urged other leaders to stamp such malpractice out.

(Story and photo courtesy of EMTV Online.)

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