Fiji to use GIS to Support Coral Triangle Initiative Programs

Fiji to use GIS to Support Coral Triangle Initiative Programs


The Government of Fiji is set to deploy a geographic information system (GIS) project in support of the programs of the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI).

The government said the GIS will enhance the capabilities of its Department of Environment (DOE). The GIS is intended to increase the ability of Fiji to map its resources, allow the comparison of its attainment level with that of other CTI countries, and generate geographic-based information.

Soil erosion in Fiji (Photo courtesy of the Australian Government)

Soil erosion in Fiji (Photo courtesy of the Government of Australia)

Through the GIS, the government is also seeking to upgrade and retool the skills of the DOE and attain its expected output in accordance with the CTI’s goals.

In line with this, the government said it would tap an international GIS expert to facilitate these activities.

The GIS expert is expected to work with government staff in identifying data contained Fiji’s monitoring and evaluation efforts. The data will then be converted into geographic-based information that the DOE and other stakeholders can use.

The GIS expert will also assist in the assessment of the DOE’s capacity to process, store, retrieve, and use these data using GIS technology in terms of hardware and software availability and suitability, personnel availability and skills level, financial allocation and sources, and management support.

As part of the preparations, the GIS expert will train government staff on how to effectively use the data to prepare maps, reports, and recommendations.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has included Fiji and Vanuatu in the list of Pacific countries which are part of the CTI—namely Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste—to form the Pacific Coral Triangle. This is because Fiji and Vanuatu share the same environmental concerns with the Pacific CTI members.

The CTI and ADB have pitched in to implement programs through ADB’s “Strengthening Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle of the Pacific (Phase 2)” technical assistance (TA) project.

The TA is aiming for “effective program management” as its target output for the whole TA timeframe from 2011 to 2015.

A quarterly progress report by the project management consultant for the TA project said by 2013, the countries will have their own integrated coastal management plans and committees heading these programs.

DOWNLOAD: Quarterly Progress Report No. 6, TA7753
DOWNLOAD: Project Data Sheet, Pacific Coral Triangle Project (Phase 2)
DOWNLOAD: Project Brief, Pacific Coral Triangle Project (Phase 2)

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