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What kind of questions will be entertained? What are the guidelines?

  • Ideal video questions are less than a minute long. Maximum is 2 minutes.
  • Introduce yourself first (full name, country, and organizational affiliation).
  • No need to be conscious. All we need is your question.
  • Your video does not need to be perfect or produced in high quality. As long as we can see you and hear your question, that is fine.
  • If your question is not in English, kindly ask someone to translate.
  • Only questions about the Coral Triangle ecosystem will be entertained. This includes simple facts you may want to know, to marine biodiversity, coastal resources, fisheries resources, coral reefs, the preservation of these resources, programs and projects in the Coral Triangle region, or how you or your organization can assist in the conservation of the Coral Triangle.
  • Scientific questions are welcome.
  • No political questions will be entertained. We are looking for healthy discussions on the preservation of the Coral Triangle’s resources.
  • Please be cordial. No hate speech and no trolls allowed.
  • Please understand that we can only entertain a certain number of questions per month, so the questions will have to be selected. Moreover, we will not be able to reply to queries regarding if and when your question will be answered.
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