Development Partners Need Collaborative Learning to Protect the Environment
Closer collaboration among development partners is needed to ensure the sustainability, scalability, and replicability of coastal and marine conservation programs, according to representatives of multilateral financial institutions (MFIs) who visited...
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Pete on Boat2
CTKN Talks to Agapito “Mang Pete” Perno
CTKN interviews Agapito “Mang Pete” Perno of Barangay Papaya, Nasugbu, Batangas, a former “bosero” or “spotter” who used to aid dynamite-wielding fishers. Today, Mang Pete helps ward off illegal fishers,...
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Dustin Adamson
The Triangle – 2013 Official Selection of SDUFEX Undersea Film Exhibition
Watch amazing underwater footage from Indonesia and the Philippines in Dustin Adamson’s “The Triangle,” a 2013 official selection of the San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition.
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ADB: The Coral Triangle Video Initiative
The Coral Triangle is home to the greatest concentration of marine life in the world, and to millions of people who rely on the sea for their livelihoods. This “Amazon...
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ADB’s contribution to the protection of the Coral Triangle Region
Principal Climate Change Specialist David McCauley discusses the prospects for protecting and preserving the Coral Triangle – the Amazon of the Seas – and ADB’s role in the Coral Triangle...
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Invest in the Coral Triangle, Save Lives
The coral reef ecosystems of the Coral Triangle have been under constant threat of destruction due to abrasive fishing practices, exploitation, and rapid climate change. In this video, learn how...
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The Coral Triangle: Nursery of the Seas
Marvel at the diversity of life in the Coral Triangle in this video produced by WWF.
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Understanding the Impact of Climate Change to Coral Reefs
This video by The Nature Conservancy discusses the impact of sea temperature rise to the coral reefs in the Coral Triangle.
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The Coral Triangle and the Copenhagen Climate Change Negotiations
David McCauley, Asian Development Bank and Paul Marshall from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority talk about the importance of the Coral Triangle and the pressures facing the region.
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Collective Action on Marine Coastal Resources
WWF’s video on the Coral Triangle discusses the need for regional cooperation and a brief history of the six-country program.
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