Economics of Climate Proofing
This study looks at basic economic models of benefit and cost analysis for climate proofing investment projects, and provided indicative guidelines for if, when, and how much to invest in...
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Economics of Climate Change
ADB focuses on an integrated economic assessment model to examine the potential costs of climate change in coastal areas, agriculture, and water supply. The study aims to raise the level...
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Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
This ADB project identifies disaster management and risk reduction which are critical to achieving sustainable growth in the Pacific. ADB’s Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy pursues an integrated disaster risk...
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Climate Change and Transport
Climate change directly affects transport infrastructure like roads, bridges, sea ports, wharves, and airports. ADB’s transport strategy focuses on improving access to domestic and international markets, delivery of social services,...
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Climate Change Adaptation project
ADB is providing technical assistance to the Pacific Coral Triangle countries to improve the resilience of their coastal resources and marine ecosystems to various pressures including climate change. The 4-year...
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