A daily catch from a fisher in Timor-Leste (ADB Photo Library)
Timor-Leste Uses New Natural Resources Manual
The Government of Timor-Leste will be using a new comanagement manual as part of efforts to protect its natural resources. The US Support to the Coral Triangle Initiative said the...
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Members of a coastal community in Papua New Guinea (ADB Photo Library)
Papua New Guinea Strengthens Learning Initiatives for Coral Triangle Project
A number of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) will be pitching in to help improve learning and training initiatives for the Coral Triangle country project of the Government of Papua New Guinea....
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Pacific fishers are in for a big catch as demand for seafood in the region is expected to rise.
Aquaculture Investments, MPAs Could Help Pacific Adapt to Climate Change
Increases in aquaculture investments and the designation of marine protected areas (MPAs) are key strategies that could be adopted to help Pacific coral triangle countries adapt to climate change, says...
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Overfishing, Industrial Wastes Continue to Degrade Philippine Coral Reefs
Around 40% of the Philippines’ corals have been assessed as “poor,” according to a report from the Coral Triangle Initiative. This figure was higher than the previous 27 percent. The...
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ECOFISH Aims to Protect Key Marine Areas in the Philippines
Key marine communities across the archipelago are expected to benefit from the Ecosystems Improved for Sustainable Fisheries (ECOFISH) project. ECOFISH is a 5-year technical assistance project designed to protect and...
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Indonesia Calls for More Support to Coral Triangle Initiative
Indonesia is urging leaders of Pacific countries to have a more active role in supporting programs that are seen to benefit the region. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been...
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Stepping Up Adaptation to Climate Change
The Asian Development Bank’s climate change program analyzes problems due to climate change in the Pacific. The program identifies solutions based on the countries’ unique needs and capacities, and mobilizes...
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Moving from Risk to Resilience
Pacific nations face urban development challenges such as lack of financing for infrastructure, weak institutional arrangements, ineffective management, and lack of technical and planning capacity, making these nations more vulnerable...
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Finance for Climate Change Responses
Climate finance needs to be embedded in national development strategies and integrated with national budgets. This study examines the climate change financing needs of Pacific nations and how to align...
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Energy in the Pacific
ADB’s climate change program in the Pacific focuses on selected priority sectors including energy. This study focuses on helping member countries move toward low-carbon growth paths by improving energy efficiency...
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