Catch of the Week
Fishing boats, locally called banana boats anchored in Milne Bay. (Photo by: CTKN)
ADB Grant Helps Build PNG’s Resilience to Climate Change
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing a $24.25 million grant to help Papua New Guinea (PNG) build its resilience and responsiveness to the impacts of climate change. The project...
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The Coral Triangle Pacific project team at the Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour. (Photo by: SeaLife Group)
Achieving Shared Objectives in the Coral Triangle of the Pacific
Participants from the five member countries of the Coral Triangle Pacific region, together with technical experts and representatives from civil society, met at ADB’s Pacific Liaison and Coordination Office in...
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The thick forest of red alga Hypnea sp. on the southern Calumpang Peninsula reef, March 2015. (Photo by: Marlon Maclean)
Seaweed Blooms and Coral Reef Health
In this special CTKN focus article, CTI Pacific technical editor and CTKN contributor Jay Maclean looks into how ‘seemingly natural’ events can have significant impacts on coral reef health. Coral...
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(Photo from: CTI-CFF)
Sustainable Marine Tourism in the Coral Triangle Region
Representatives from six Asia-Pacific countries in the Coral Triangle Region have called for the implementation of sustainable tourism guidelines and standards for development and investment in protected maritime zones. This...
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The national coastal and marine conservation structure will protect the livelihood of this artisanal fisherman in Saeraghi on Ghizo Island, where Solomon Islanders are creating a Marine Protected Area. (Photo: USAID CTSP / Tory Read)
Conservation is about Relationships
National framework for marine conservation established in Solomon Islands. “There ought to be a law.” That’s what Solomon Islanders said when they started to get serious about modern marine conservation....
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The ocean's riches: a school of brown-striped snapper (Xenocys jessiae), pictured near the Galapagos Islands. (Photo by: David Fleetham/NPL/WWF)
Monetizing Nature: Putting a Price on the Oceans
A marine scientist has placed a ‘minimum figure’ on the value of the seven seas in an effort to revive conservation. But isn’t the monetisation of nature a risky business?...
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Rural coral farming project in Western Province, Solomon Islands. (Photo by: Wade Fairley/WorldFish)
Taking Stock of the CTI-CFF Program’s Progress and Future Directions
The Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) has made remarkable progress yet much work still needs to be done. A number of technical and implementation...
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Participants during a break at the Pacific Regional Planning Meeting in Brisbane. (Photo by: CTKN)
New Directions in the Coral Triangle of the Pacific
Country representatives and program managers from five Pacific member countries of the Coral Triangle Region convened with technical experts and participants at the Pacific Regional Planning Meeting in Brisbane, Australia....
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Nuatalii Veniiy is a key player in community conservation on Ghizo Island in the Solomon Islands. (Photo by: USAID CTSP/Tory Read)
Success Story: Taking Care of Her Reefs
Local heroine spreads the word about Marine Protected Areas. Saying that Nuatali Veniiy is passionate about marine conservation is like saying fish protein plays a role in the diet of...
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Images from the air of the town of Epao in Vanuatu before and after Cyclone Pam. (Image from: Digital Globe/Google Earth)
Vanuatu Fisheries and Food Security after Cyclone Pam
Cyclone Pam left a terrible wake of destruction on land in Vanuatu, dramatically seen in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs available online.1 But out of sight of these images, coral...
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