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Pacific nations have not enjoyed the full economic benefits of their fishing resources.
Fishing Industry in the Pacific: 12 Things to Know
The vast majority of economic resources in the Pacific lie in the millions of square kilometers of waters surrounding the region’s islands. Yet, Pacific nations have not enjoyed the full...
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Giant manta ray surrounded by plastic trash. (Photo by: Nick Humphrey.)
Let’s Keep Plastic Out of the Coral Triangle
Plastic is perhaps one of the most useful inventions. We use plastic in almost every aspects of our lives: plastic bottles to hold our drinking water, plastic bags for our...
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Cute boy with his mother snorkeling with whale shark in the sea, Philippines
Should You Swim with Whale Sharks in the Philippines?
A couple of hundred meters from the shore, more than 20 boats carrying holiday-makers are lined up in two rows. Between the rows, excited tourists with snorkels and GoPros on...
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Coral Triangle Day Focuses on the Real Threat: Plastic Pollution
The Regional Secretariat of CTI-CFF, together with its 6 member countries represented by NCC, development partners, and neighbouring countries, celebrate the 5th annual Coral Triangle Day/CT Day on 9 June,...
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A resort in Western Province, Solomon Islands. (Photo by: James Morgan / WWF)
Why the Time has Come for a Coral Triangle Nature-Based Tourism Brand
Low-impact, high-value, nature-based tourism is the way of the future, and the Coral Triangle can be the premier destination for this experience. This is the gist of the recently released...
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The Coral Triangle: An Ecosystem Under Threat
The Coral Triangle is one of the world’s richest areas of marine life. Unfortunately, unsustainable and destructive methods are threatening this marginal ecosystem. (Courtesy of
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(Photo from: ADB Photo Library)
Sustainable Tourism An Opportunity for Economic Growth in the Pacific
A responsible and sustainable regional approach to tourism can help Pacific island economies overcome obstacles to higher growth. Tourism is an important economic sector for many developing countries in the...
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Using Body Language to Measure your Fish
Marine animals – clams, crabs, fish, sea cucumbers, shrimps and turtles – all have to reach a certain size, different for each species, before they can spawn. It is important...
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A girl of the Sama Bajau ethnic group collects shellfish near her stilt village off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia. (Photo by: James Morgan/WWF)
Top 15 CTKN Stories in 2015
The Coral Triangle Knowledge Network has shared a lot of interesting, intriguing and eye-opening stories this year. It’s all about letting everyone know more about the Coral Triangle Region, the...
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The Greening of Asia-Pacific Beaches
Coastal villages in many parts of the Coral Triangle and beyond in Asia and the Pacific depend for their survival on having attractive beaches for tourists. With rapid coastal developments...
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