Catch of the Week
Dea Licuanan works to identify a vulnerable coral species in Anilao. (Photo by: Yasmeen Smalley-Norman)
3D imaging: Raising Awareness About Endangered Corals
Jay Maclean talks to Yasmeen Smalley-Norman on how 3D photography can help conservationist and researchers visualize these rare ocean resources. Today, with the oceans in danger from the impacts of...
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Fisherman in the Coral Triangle prepare their nets before taking off to sea. For generations coastal communities have relied on the wide range of fish available in this diverse marine area.
The Best Job on the Planet? Life on a Philippine Coral Reef
One of Olly McGuinness’s greatest pleasures in life these days is a really good cup of coffee. He has a secret stash of the good stuff for special occasions, but...
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Why Degraded Reefs Could be the Future of Ocean Conservation
When there’s not enough pristine habitat left to save an ecosystem, it’s time to take a new look at less-than-perfect places. When you think of a nature preserve, chances are...
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Vendors selling fish in Dili, Timor-Leste. (Photo from: ADB Photo Library.)
Securing Sustainable Fishing in the Pacific Coral Triangle Countries
The Pacific islands’ fisheries sector is under serious threat from the changing climate. Increases in extreme weather events, erratic rainfall, intense solar radiation, rising sea surface temperatures and sea levels,...
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CCA learning session of Fly Harbour primary school students.
Children First: Insights on Climate Adaptation and Disaster Preparedness in Pockets of the Coral Triangle
Young people in various parts of the Solomon Islands are becoming effective agents of change, making meaningful contributions to foster environmental stewardship and strengthen disaster and climate risk resilience. The...
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Engaging Students to Protect the Coral Triangle
Engaging the youth is critical to the success of environment, natural resources management and climate change adaptation projects. Their open-mindedness, energy and passion for contribution and change make them great...
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Book Launch: Tales from the Coral Triangle
“Tales from the Coral Triangle” is a collection of short stories about one of the world’s greatest natural wonders inspired by the young authors’ experiences of living in the tropical...
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The sex ratios of sea turtles, such as this hawksbill, may shift as the oceans warm. A turtle hatchling's sex is determined by the temperature at which the eggs develop in the nest, with higher temperatures favouring the production of females. (Photo by: David Doubilet, National Geographic Creative)
Why Our Oceans Can’t Protect Us Anymore
Our waters have borne the brunt of global warming for decades, but dying corals, extreme weather, and plummeting fish stocks are signs that it can handle no more. The oceans,...
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A Filipino fisherman wades from boat to shore with part of the crew’s catch. Fishermen who go to the South China Sea report that their catches have gotten smaller in recent years. (Photo by: Adam Dean, National Geographic)
A Marine Park in the West Philippine Sea; An Ecological Approach to Maritime issues
Amid a tumultuous legal and diplomatic atmosphere in Southeast Asia over the disputed areas in the West Philippine Sea, experts from the scientific community have proposed the establishment of a...
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A Looming Environmental Crisis in the South China Sea
Of all the “strategic” challenges confronting the Asia-Pacific region, none is as underrated as the destruction of the marine ecosystem. The South China Sea’s status as a critical waterway draws...
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