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Malaysia Pledges More Support for CTI

Malaysia Pledges More Support for CTI

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Fishing boats on a coastal community in Malaysia (ADB Photo Library)

Fishing boats on a coastal community in Malaysia (ADB Photo Library)

The Government of Malaysia has pledged more support for the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) in line with its regional and national plans of action for marine and coastal resources protection.

According to the Coral Triangle Initiative Secretariat, the government recently initiated a meeting attended by more than 100 representatives from government, community, and nongovernment organizations on Malaysia’s progress in supporting the CTI.

Among the key highlights of the meeting is the establishment of a permanent CTI Regional Secretariat in Malaysia. Malaysia would then become the first of the CTI country members to have such a permanent organization.

The government also reported other several milestones including “the deployment of two marine expeditions that strengthened the development of a national marine database, the adoption of an ecosystem approach to fisheries management, integration of sustainable fisheries practices in the live reef fish trade, and institutionalization of a collaborative approach in the management of coastal and marine resources.”

“Malaysia may become the first of the CTI country members to have a permanent CTI secretariat.”

The government is planning to put these programs into place following the proposed establishment of Tun Mustapha Park by 2015.

Malaysia is also an active participant in the live reef food fish trade industry.

A recent report indicated that Malaysia still has a thriving population of groupers, a popular fish species in the live fish trade, and that local fishers have yet to encounter difficulties in their fishing operations either in catching groupers in the wild or breeding them inside fish cages.

However, the government still needs to put into place key programs to support this industry including more training for fishers and other stakeholders, and a comprehensive study of coral reef ecosystems in coastal areas.

Courtesy of the Coral Triangle Initiative Secretariat

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