CTI-CFF 5th Regional Exchange on Marine Protected Areas, Mactan, Cebu, Philippines

CTI-CFF 5th Regional Exchange on Marine Protected Areas, Mactan, Cebu, Philippines


(MEETING: 14-18 July 2014) This 5th MPA REX follows a series of MPA Regional Exchanges that have formulated and completed the Coral Triangle MPA System (CTMPAS) Framework and Action Plan which contains the agreed criteria for MPA management effectiveness as endorsed by the six Coral Triangle countries.

The CTMPAS Framework guides the development of the MPA system which is inclusive to all MPAs (of any form) in the Coral Triangle and encourages countries to improve their management effectiveness. It provides for categorization (4 levels) of MPAs across the region by degree of significance and quality of management.

This 5th MPA REX will allow the CT6 to evaluate progress to date and ensure a smooth functioning of the CTMPAS Framework implementation. Specifically, it is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

• Review CTMPAS Framework and Action Plan implementation to date in relation to country-level actions.
• Review country-level progress towards the development of MPA management effectiveness systems, share progress and develop action plans for each country as appropriate for their level of development.
• Review MPA nomination status to date and plan for each country to nominate more sites.
• Review status of CT Atlas database on MPAs with that of countries and needs.
• Review needs for better integration of fisheries and CCA objectives into MPA sites.
• Refine scope of work and role of the MPA Coordinator position for the CTI-CFF MPA-TWG
• Review representation, role and benefit of CTMPAS Advisory Committee in reviewing CTMPAS nominations.
• Continue to share experiences and lessons on MPA networks/systems in each CT country.
• Review targets for CTMPAS indicators in relation to baselines.
• Conduct an MPA TWG meeting to review and endorse results of workshop.

For more information, contact:
• Ms Leilani Gallardo, CTC,
• Mr. William Jatulan, US CTI/IRS,
• Mr. Arwandrija Rukma, IRS Regional Coordinator,

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