About the CTKN

What is the Coral Triangle Knowledge Network (CTKN)?

The CTKN is more than just a website. It is an online hub of knowledge about the Coral Triangle as well as issues and discussions relevant to the Coral Triangle, and everyone is invited to expand this pool of knowledge.

Yes, the website features news, visual data, tools, questions and answers from experts, and videos highlighting the many initiatives on the conservation of the Coral Triangle. But more importantly, it is an online facility with a social knowledge network where researchers, professionals, students, community leaders, nongovernment organizations, policy makers, and anyone who wishes to collaborate online to discuss how we can help in our own little ways to protect this valuable natural resource.

Conversation leads to conservation. Join the discussion now.

What makes the CTKN website important?

The CTKN is a tool for information dissemination where the latest policies and activities that Coral Triangle member countries and supporting organizations can be found.

It is also significant for being a knowledge hub where people can connect with each other, become more aware, and hopefully share their expertise, experience, and resources to protect and preserve the Coral Triangle.

Who is the website for?

The CTKN is a valuable resource for policy makers, students, academicians, professionals, scientists, scholars, cause-oriented groups, coastal communities, local governments, and anyone who wants to share and gain knowledge about the Coral Triangle and those who want to help in the conservation efforts of this region.

We invite you to ask questions to experts on marine resources and to interact with stakeholders using our social knowledge network.

Can I use the information here freely?

Yes, you are invited to share the ORIGINAL information you find in this website for free provided that you will (1) not use it for any form of commercial gain and (2) properly attribute the Coral Triangle Knowledge Network with the URL “ctknetwork.org” in all materials you will use. Please be aware, however, that the CTKN also uses material from other sources and from its development partners, and that you are solely responsible for asking permission from them.

The CTKN was developed and is being maintained by the Asian Development Bank under Project No. 43427-012: Strengthening Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle of the Pacific (Phase II), with valuable assistance from its development partners such as IW: Learn and the Global Environment Facility, the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Nature Conservancy, US Aid, Conservation International, the Australian Government, and the Coral Triangle Initiative Secretariat. The partners reserve copyrights to their own content, and all content, views, and opinions found in the CTKN website are entirely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the partners, their board members, or the countries they represent.